General Writing Tips [Links]

Another set of writing tips... Take That Project From Boring To Soring Do you ever feel like you’re swimming in circles? The water never changes temperature, there is never a current speeding the flow around you. You’re constantly fed the same ol’ boring tasteless crap to eat, yet it’s still the excitement of your day?... Continue Reading →

Some Advice for People Doing NaNoWriMo [Link]

NaNoWriMo Advice Okay, so I know that right now quite a lot of folks are trying to write a grand total of fifty thousand words. Some are stuck, while some feel they’re going nowhere. If you’re attempting to write a novel during the month of November, here’s some writing advice:  

Tips for creating and developing characters

In my humble opinion, and others agree with me, one of the most important things with writing stories is character creation and development. This is something I still need practice. Here are some tips for creating and developing characters. Character Creation: Free Courses Howdy gang! A very short Monday post this week. We’ve been talking... Continue Reading →

What is this NaNoWriMo thing?

In just a few more days, NaNoWriMo begins. Other than just being a jumble of letters that are difficult to type, what is it? The short answer is that it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It is an event that starts on November 1st and ends on November 30th. The goal is to write... Continue Reading →

Character-building is a crucial step in the creative writing process. However, we often become too focused on creating and developing isolated character profiles that we overlook one of the most crucial aspects of character-building: the relationships that exist between these characters. Source: 8 Secrets To Writing Strong Character Relationships - Writer's Edit

Earlier in the week, I renewed by CPR certification and the topic of looking for medical information came up. In addition to the bracelets, we were told that smart phones have features for emergency medical information. There are a few standard ways to enter this information. More information: How to create an emergency contact on your... Continue Reading →

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