Little Jonnie: Yappy Dog

Little Jonnie sat at the table. He ate Frosted Snowflakes cereal. Sister ate eggs. She was messy. She kept getting them on her face. Father read the newspaper. He put the paper down. “Jonnie, you are a big boy, you take care of Mic now.” Jonnies face gleamed. Sister rolled her eyes. “Father, Jonnie is... Continue Reading →

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Little Jonnie: Private Club

Little Jonnie woke in the morning. He looked out the window. In the lot, next to his house, he saw a large box. He dressed quickly and ran outside without breakfast. He pulled the box to his house. He thought it would make the best fort. Jonnie got craft paints and decorated it. He painted... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 8

The door swung open and Griswold walked into the apartment. There was not much light but there was enough to see his roommate, Grease, sat on the couch. He held a small white cigarette-like stick that he had just lit. Small wisps of smoke rose from it. Grease looked at him wide eyed and froze as if he was a child who had just been got caught raiding the cookie jar. Griswold closed the door and walked across the room. He sat a case of beer and a green bottle of Huntsman next to some dark brown bottles and a small metal tin on the coffee table.

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 7

Pete saw a car in the distance lose control on the icy road and come to a stop on the side. As he approached, he saw the silhouette of the driver and slowed down to see if he needed help. The driver was tall and wore a wide-brimmed hat. When he motioned him on, Pete sped back up and continued towards the abandoned farmhouse where he last saw Griswold.

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 6

The melody of Brain Damage woke Griswold; it was the song he chose when someone in Spartan Hills Investigative Paranormal Squad called him. The light from his phone on the equipment table briefly illuminated the basement of the abandoned farmhouse. When the tune finished, darkness returned and Griswold continued to lie on the floor. He tried to remember what just happened. There were eyes staring at him in the darkness, he fell to the floor, and he was alone. There was something in the room with him as he remembered it grabbing him. The only certainty was that he was alive.

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 5

Pete investigated the paranormal for years. In all that time, he was never afraid even when he would foolishly investigate alone. Until tonight, the worse to happen was a skinned knee when he tripped over a rock in the middle of a dark wood. What he saw in the basement of that abandoned farmhouse was different. Those eyes did not belong to something of this world. At first, he thought the Sulphur smell was from a fuse blowing but he was no longer sure. All he knew was that he was in the presence of something evil and possibly demonic.

Little Jonnie: Birthday Party

It was a special day for Little Jonnie. It was his birthday. He woke in the morning and combed his golden locks of hair and brushed his teeth. The day was long for him because he was so excited. There was going to be a party later. Everybody was going to be there. It was... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 4

Grace instructed the group on the details of the séance and Griswold wondered why everyone was needed but he decided to not question, He watched as Pete went around the room placing candles and incense and Grace drew a large pentagram on the floor. She referenced a notebook that she held and used red colored chalk. At each point of the star, she copied a set of stylized runes that Griswold thought as cursive Viking runes. Before finishing, Pete placed candles where each line crossed inside the circle and his SpiritMic in the center. Griswold took one last look at the video feed before turning off the monitor. When Grace and Pete finished, Linda stood before the group and led a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel. After the prayer, Linda gave the floor to Grace.

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 3

Griswold saw Chris hold up a familiar green bottle of Huntsman as he descended the stairs into the basement of the abandoned farmhouse. He noticed someone brought the folding table and his gear was sitting on it. After setting up the remote cameras throughout the house, he was ready for a drink. He walked over to Chris for the bottle. “Hey Griz! The spirits are here.” Griswold took the bottle and had a drink, “Thanks. I needed that.”

Oubliette: Scare at Wellington Farm – Part 2

Griswold walked into an empty room of the abandoned farmhouse. He finished setting up most of the cameras and had a couple more to setup. He could join the others in the basement who were down there talking and drinking. There was some urgency because Chris would drink the whole bottle of Huntsman if given the chance. He scanned the room for a moment. A white fog formed in front of his face as he breathed. Judging from decorations on the walls, Griswold decided that its former occupant was a young girl or somebody that had fetish for pink unicorns. He knew this room was a high priority because it is the one that had some activity during the last investigation.

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