End Times Series


Around the year 2070, a plague, known as the Rage, swept the globe resulting in the decimation of almost 90% of the global population. Just as suddenly as it began, the plague ended but not without leaving Earth as a desolate wasteland of abandoned and decaying buildings and ruins.

Scattered among the ruins, there are high technological enclaves that protected their populations from the mindless roving bands of Rage infected victims. This population is a small minority of those who survived.

Most people, known as dregs by enclave dwellers, who survived are outside of the enclaves and they struggle to stay alive in a world that is falling apart. Due to changes in the client, many coastal areas around the world disappeared. Entire states in the United States are underwater.


Agriculture is difficult if not impossible as powerful corporate interests from the enclaves control most arable land. It is a second dark age and it is questionable that humanity will continue.

Background information

Early 23rd century

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