Oubliette [Archive]

This is the archive of Oubliette as an experiment. I decided to do a reboot as I was cramming way too much into the project. Please visit the new and improved Oubliette home page. Thanks.

Oubliette is a series of stories that take place in a world similar to our own. Unlike our world, certain elements of the supernatural and science fiction are true. These stories follow the adventures of a number of characters in the world.

Disclaimer: I am releasing these stories in what I consider to be first or second draft quality. This is not to mention that the number of times I should proofread something is equal to the number of times that I proofread plus one. I do reserve the right to make changes for clarity, grammar, or detail. There may be some minor retcons.

  • Oubliette: “Bitter”: Introduces Owen Holt who attempts to return to his job at the CIA and finds that things have changed.
  • Oubliette: “Temporary”: Owen Holt contemplates his life after the events of “Bitter.”
  • Oubliette: “Pursue”: Introduces Anarchist and Dark Liberty.
    • Part 1: The Anarchist is cornered by the police and must escape
    • Part 2: The Anarchist finds himself pursued by Dark Liberty and the police.
  • Oubliette: “Recruit”: Owen Holt speaks with a mysterious Officer Rodriguez who represents an equally mysterious agency.
  • Oubliette: “Phoenix”: Introduces Tisha who finds her life turned upside down
  • Oubliette: “Jester”: Covers the events of the inauguration day of President-elect Ronald Bouffon. Introduces a number of minor characters and Stephan Rotatiga.
  • Oubliette: “Seance”: A group of of young ghost hunters perform a seance in an old farmhouse.
  • Oubliette: “Farm”: Owen Holt and Mara Rodriguez follow up on a unresolved case and find more than they expected (continuation of Seance)
    • Part 1: Owen and Mara interview Pete
    • Part 2: Owen and Mara interview the previous owner of the farmhouse
    • Part 3: Owen and Mara interview Griswold’s roommate, Grease.
    • Part 4: Griswold visits Grace and tragedy happens.
    • Part 5: Two weeks later, Spooksters discuss what happened.
    • Part 6: Grease and Pete talk about what they know.

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