Was the purpose of Benghazi to bring Clinton down?

If it was, it appears to be failing. Buoyed by what most analysts proclaimed a victory in the first Democratic Presidential nomination wannabes debate, an 11-hour Benghazi hearing that even conservatives now believe was a Halloween-monster-sized mistake for Congressional Republicans, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going into full gear as the (largely)... Continue Reading →

And the winner is Hillary

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton went before the Benghazi inquisition to answer some questions. Thanks to Kevin McCarthy, many suspicions about the committee were confirmed. This gave Hillary the upper hand going into hearing. Since we are creatures that need to declare victors in any conflict, the question has been raised on who won. A trip... Continue Reading →

Was Hillary mansplained?

In case anybody missed the obvious, Clinton appeared before the Benghazi inquisition to answer questions.  One of the accusations that was leveled by liberals at the Republicans conducting the hearing was that she was mansplained. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced hours of questioning from the House Select Committee on Benghazi Thursday. As the... Continue Reading →

Another Republican comes out about Benghazi

Looks like another Republican has come out and said something that was not supposed to be said in public. No, it turns out some Democrats weren’t being paranoid or doing spin. Yet another Republican admits the Benghazi committee was designed to go after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for political reasons. In so many... Continue Reading →

Looks like McCarthy is history

Rumor is that Kevin McCarthy, who was considered to be the top choice to replace Boehner as speaker of the house, has withdrawn his candidacy for that position.  This really should not come of any surprise as he make a so-called gaffe about the Benghazi hearings essentially stating what many of us suspected; the hearing... Continue Reading →

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