I've been looking at my homepage and it's been neglected. I'm going to have to start thinking about a renovation. 🤔

The last few weeks have been very busy. So much so, my buffer is gone. 😱 Between work, family, Twitter, the two blogs, and Facebook, I am spread too thin. This does not even consider that I want to start a new blog for my professional stuff (I will not be blogging under my pseudonym... Continue Reading →

Why WordPress? Why did you remove the feature that showed what days had posts scheduled? I used that feature extensively.

In WordPress, I have noticed that on links to posts that I share gets "likes" but the clicks box on the statistics page is more often than not empty. Is this box inaccurate or is there something more to it that I am not seeing?

As part of my renovation on the blog, I tried doing certain themes on certain days of the week (not sure if anyone noticed). I think going forward, I think political stuff is going to go to Mondays as the theme was cynicism. Seems more appropriate to me. 🙂 Now, what should I put in... Continue Reading →

I don't know what I have been doing but it seems I have been doing it for a long while. I try to follow people who follow my blog as long as they are not too extreme in their political views and are not a business. For whatever reason, I have stopped following several people.... Continue Reading →

The shark has been jumped…

There is an old term on television shows that references the events in an episode of Happy Days in the 1950s. In that episode, one of the characters jumped over a shark in water skies. It was said that episode was the beginning of the end of that television series. Today, the term is used... Continue Reading →

5 tips for writing blog posts – Poynter

A few simple tips for starting a blog post. Even the best writers struggle from time to time in crafting their work. This can be especially tricky for bloggers, who want to produce a steady flow of content for their audience.Not to worry. Every writer faces this dilemma. Here are some strategies to kick-start your... Continue Reading →

Please Visit: Factually Challenged Nation

Like what you see at this blog and want more (as if 🙂 ) or would rather read something less biased and opinionated? Please visit the younger and more mature sibling blog, Factually Challenged Nation. From the about page... So, you are probably wondering what this blog is about.  Well, first I would like to... Continue Reading →

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