Conversation Today

I'm in the kitchen. Wife is in the living room with kids. Wife: What is the status of your underwear. Me: ... I'm wearing a pair. Wife: How are they fitting and they too tight? Me: They seem to fitting pretty good. Wife: I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU.

Why are balloons so fascinating?

Give young children a balloon, helium optional, they will go crazy with it until the inevitable happens. The first time we exposed the toddler to a balloon, she started crawling after it, smacking, it, and making the excited grunt that she was doing at the time. What is the fascination? All a balloon is a... Continue Reading →

When I got home from work yesterday, my front yard was filled with bicycles. There were a bunch of kids having a water fight in my backyard, most of which were not mine. Can I say my kids joined a biker gang?

Babies and those odd ball firsts

According to Steve King, we cannot build our civilization using other people's babies.  Well, you can certainly build a family with them. I have three children, all of whom, were adopted and currently have a sibling (a little girl) of two of them as a foster child. The two in question are boys and on... Continue Reading →

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