Facts on the Bob Menendez Trial

Bob Menendez charges, explained As jurors continue to deliberate in New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez's bribery and corruption trial, CNN has assembled the highlights of the 10-week trial. Jurors heard from nearly 60 witnesses and were shown almost 300 pieces of evidence. Jurors must determine under federal bribery law whether or not Menendez performed... Continue Reading →

On June 8th, James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee about the matter of his firing and alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Within hours of his testimony, Mark Kasowitz, Donald Trump’s lawyer, presented an accusation that Comey had perjured himself. Source: Claim: James Comey perjured himself | Factually Challenged Nation

God leaves it to us

One of the topics of the news is Mr. Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. While the move is foolhardy and ill-conceived, that is not the part of the story that I would like to address. It is the response, rather the rationalization, used by some Christians to justify... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 10

We continue out trek into the swamp. We are now in the part of the swamp where very little light reaches. What was that sound? Oh, that was Devin Nunes slinking across the White House lawn in the dead of night for an illicit gathering. Last week, Nunes tantalized us with alleged proof of incidental surveillance... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 6

This week, we had the biggest scandal since the coronation of Mr. Trump.  No, I am not talking about Jeff Sessions who forgot to mention that he was in the same room as the Russian ambassador.  No, it wasn't Vice President Pence being outed as someone who still uses AOL.  Although in his defense, he is still... Continue Reading →

Take heed Democrats

Yes, I know Hillary is the preordained candidate and it is politically incorrect to criticize her highness.  However, at the end of the day, the real goal should be to keep the White House out of the hands of the Republicans.  To that end, there are some things that should be said.  First, there are... Continue Reading →

Yet another example of government waste

Since it is no longer politically correct for a victor in a war to leave the loser in shambles, the United States has been picking up the tab in rebuilding Afghanistan (despite the fact that the people in the country were harboring Bin Laden, a wanted terrorist).  However, even this just boggles the mind. The... Continue Reading →

Still think the game isn’t rigged?

Larry Lessig, the founder of Creative Commons and political activist, is a Democrat who is running for the nomination.  He had a late start and he put together a team to worked hard to qualify for the next Democrat presidential debate.  Except there is one problem... So, we believed we had our guidelines. And as... Continue Reading →

Want a glimpse of what tyranny is like?

There is something smelly in Wisconsin and I am not talking about cheese. Republicans in Wisconsin set their sights on reforming the John Doe process after it was used against Walker and his staff — six of whom were convicted for embezzlement and other charges. A second John Doe investigation targeting Walker himself — for... Continue Reading →

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