End Times: Golden Parachute

“Welcome to Rhineshire Tower. Good afternoon, Lady Rhineshire. Shall I inform your uncle and the board that you have arrived?” “Yes, you may Echo.” The egg-shaped android took a position next to and slightly behind Luanne as she walked through the sliding crystalline doors and into the marbled lobby of the tower. Normally, one could... Continue Reading →

End Times: Lots of Hot Air

“I assure you, Mr. Martin, it is a standard non-disclosure that we have every sub-contractor sign.” Brien looked up from the video tile, a portable version of a video panel, and at Director Shyinled who smiled at him. Brien responded, “If you don’t mind, Director, I would like to make sure of that myself.” The... Continue Reading →

End Times: Pink slip

“I AM WAITING FOR AN ANSWER!” Johnathan ground his teeth together in a vain effort to keep calm as the AI did not wait for an answer. It did not matter, Alfa always had a way of evoking anger in him. As normal for it, Alfa’s avatar occupied a quarter of one of his video... Continue Reading →

End Times: All Alone

The makeshift door gave a metallic scream as Eilen pushed it open. Behind it, there was a small ramp that led into darkness. She had not been in this place but Buckley, her uncle, told her that it led to some underground chambers built before the Rage. Despite his warning to the clan that it... Continue Reading →

End Times: Status Report

Echo’s voice emanated from the wall console, “My Lady? Are you awake?” Luanne sat up on her bed, “Yes.” She always thought that it was odd that the androids would ask that question; they could tell by sight. She did not know if it was due to some sort of etiquette algorithm or just general... Continue Reading →

End Times: Marie-Camila

The door slid open without a sound. Even though it was dark outside, the windows were shaded as they usually were. The occupant never liked her view of the enclave. The room was pitch black except for the small flashing status lights from the auto-med; a monstrous spider-like android that hangs above the patient’s bed.... Continue Reading →

End Times: News Report

Johnathan was not happy. He stood in the transparent glass elevator as it carried him to the top floor. There was a military operation going on of which he had not authorized. Nobody was giving him any answers. Now, he had orders to report to Rhineshire tower; a distraction he did not need right now.... Continue Reading →

End Times: Invasion

Eilen and her sister hid under the bed in their room. She slid her hand into the darkness towards sister and Eilen could feel her doing likewise. When their hands touched, they interlocked, and only a crowbar could separate them. Eilen knew in her sister’s other hand, she would be clutching the filthy teddy bear... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: Only the Specter Knows

The wind blew through the settlement but there was nobody to notice. None of what Jacob saw made sense. He wished that he found the cabins and barns burnt to the ground. He would have known what happened; savages. Instead, the settlement was pristine. There was not a single thing out of place. Even the... Continue Reading →


I am a magnet... Are you aluminum? And just stand there with apathy. Are you steel? And feel drawn to me. Are you a magnet? And you push away from me? Or do we draw each other closer? I saw today's word prompt (Magnet) and this just wrote itself in my head (I'm just writing... Continue Reading →

Oubliette: “Temporary”

Owen woke to the banging of a truck next to the building. He could tell by the lighting it was not morning. He continued to lie in his bed staring at the ceiling. After a while, he realized that it was unusually quiet in the building. It was not a total quiet; he could hear someone vacuuming next door and there was what might be the faint aroma of bacon that caused his stomach to churn. It finally dawned on him, "Of course... It's Tuesday everybody is at work or school."

Oubliette: “Bitter”

Owen sat in the poorly lit meeting room with three other men in suits. One of them he knew, Lewis Stone, his assistant director under whom he worked for the past five years. Owen did not know the other two men. They looked familiar but he had no idea what their jobs were. Owen looked at them as they shuffled their papers and sent text messages on their phones. He was looking for clues as to what was the purpose of this meeting. Nobody was giving up their secrets not even Lewis.

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