Why WordPress? Why did you remove the feature that showed what days had posts scheduled? I used that feature extensively.

Ugh... Satire is hard. You know your delivery is wrong when you get the opposite reaction you are wanting. Maybe I should stick to parody.

The way I see it. Having a PowerPoint presentation blow up on you is a rite of passage.

Test-Based Accountability – Smokescreen for Cowardly Politicians and Unscrupulous Corporations | gadflyonthewallblog

There is no single education policy more harmful than test-based accountability. The idea goes like this: We need to make sure public schools actually teach children, and the best way to do that is with high stakes standardized testing. It starts from the assumption that the problems with our school system are all service-based. Individual... Continue Reading →

Should we give up on 2018?

Last Tuesday, Democrat Jon Ossoff was defeated by the alt-right Republican Karen Handel by an almost four point margin. The truth of the matter was that this race was truly a bellwether of what to expect for 2018. The good news for Democrats was that this was a district that should not have been competitive... Continue Reading →

My wife was informed that DCS was going to go forward with reunification of the toddler with her biological mother. The reason was that she has been clean for a whole month. Sure, let's ignore that full year before that she wasn't. I am just shaking my head of this stupidity.

Judicial incompetence

Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Steve Irwin, is a contestant on a show called Dancing with the Stars.  A judge has rejected her contract to be on the show because... well.. there is no proof that her dad died. What... the... flock... You have to be [censored] joking.  Has this judge had her head... Continue Reading →

Yet another example of government waste

Since it is no longer politically correct for a victor in a war to leave the loser in shambles, the United States has been picking up the tab in rebuilding Afghanistan (despite the fact that the people in the country were harboring Bin Laden, a wanted terrorist).  However, even this just boggles the mind. The... Continue Reading →

And there is a debate solution?

After all of the so-called "gotcha" questions by questionable moderators, the Republican candidates got together to come up with a solution.  By Jove, they have one... Carson’s campaign is convening a meeting of various campaigns on Sunday night. The campaigns will discuss Carson’s proposal, which includes “a minimum of five minutes for opening and closing... Continue Reading →

Was the purpose of Benghazi to bring Clinton down?

If it was, it appears to be failing. Buoyed by what most analysts proclaimed a victory in the first Democratic Presidential nomination wannabes debate, an 11-hour Benghazi hearing that even conservatives now believe was a Halloween-monster-sized mistake for Congressional Republicans, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going into full gear as the (largely)... Continue Reading →

Sorry Jeb but Trump is right

It seems that Trump and Bush have been going back and forth on GW's handling of 9/11. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once again provoked a tit-for-tat row on Friday by saying former president George W. Bush must share some of the blame for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Let's look at some facts. GW... Continue Reading →

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