Oathkeepers in Ferguson

During the current protests in Ferguson, a group called Oathkeepers have shown up equipped with assault rifles.  What is the role they filling?  There is a police presence on the street and given that it is not Baltimore, they are going to crack down or rioting pretty darn quick.  There does not be any clear... Continue Reading →

Ferguson, New York, and Racism

Are conservatives racist? When I went to start this article, that is the question that I was going to attempt to answer. At first, I was going to question if the above question is even fair to ask. After all, the events unfolding in Ferguson and New York seem to suggest that even if the question... Continue Reading →

Semiregular link roundup

On Trayvon, Ferguson and Eric Garner The author of the article touches on how one day a person could be the champion of the people and the next, he could be public enemy number one.  What I find interesting is how it relates to an inherent human trait, confirmation bias. Seven Reasons Police Brutality Is... Continue Reading →

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