Social media and its problem with free speech

One of the biggest problems facing users of social media is the presence of hate speech and misinformation masquerading as free speech. To combat these problems, the social media companies have rules. Unfortunately, the way that they apply these rules has produced confusing and often seemingly arbitrary results. IMHO, these social media companies should not concern... Continue Reading →

Big brother is not just the government

When someone talks about Big Brother from the novel 1984, most people think of an authoritarian government. What few people realize (or ignore) is that the government receives help. It is a symbiotic relationship that allows the government to effectively circumvent our Constitutional protections. The government gives power in the form of favorable regulations and... Continue Reading →

Test-Based Accountability – Smokescreen for Cowardly Politicians and Unscrupulous Corporations | gadflyonthewallblog

There is no single education policy more harmful than test-based accountability. The idea goes like this: We need to make sure public schools actually teach children, and the best way to do that is with high stakes standardized testing. It starts from the assumption that the problems with our school system are all service-based. Individual... Continue Reading →

My wife was informed that DCS was going to go forward with reunification of the toddler with her biological mother. The reason was that she has been clean for a whole month. Sure, let's ignore that full year before that she wasn't. I am just shaking my head of this stupidity.

How policy remains stupid, stupid, stupid

Fully Myelinated

Republicans.  No, sorry, more than that.  A hell of a lot of status quo bias as well.  And powerful, intense interests with narrow, but substantial benefits.  Loved this Planet Money episode on how incredibly stupid our tax filing system.  In the rest of the modern world, tax returns are simply not a big deal.  Most voters have straightforward taxes and the government already has the key information on file.  You get a pre-filled tax return and you can check through it to make sure everything is in order, and that’s that.  Not so, as you well know in America.  Instead, here we waste millions and millions of hours– not to mention the frustration– and spend lots and lots of money (to the benefit of HR Block, Turbo Tax, etc.) to so something that is a cheap, straightforward function of the government.  Yeah, America!

The Planet Money story is about a…

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Ben Carson: no pardon for Snowden

In his book, Ben Carson gave praise to people like Snowden who revealed our government's unlawful surveillance.  However, when he was asked if he would pardon Snowden, he sang a different tune. When ThinkProgress asked Carson during a book signing on Tuesday outside of Tampa whether he would be open to pardoning Snowden, he replied:... Continue Reading →

Yet another example of government waste

Since it is no longer politically correct for a victor in a war to leave the loser in shambles, the United States has been picking up the tab in rebuilding Afghanistan (despite the fact that the people in the country were harboring Bin Laden, a wanted terrorist).  However, even this just boggles the mind. The... Continue Reading →

What is the GOP’s plan for the IRS?

Nestled in the highway bill being debated, there is a little surprise awaiting for those who are not bothering to read the legislation. House Republicans are pushing to give private debt collectors the right to target all unpaid tax bills, handing a traditional IRS responsibility over to an industry with a long record of consumer... Continue Reading →

Who owns you?

American Conservative, a very good conservative publication, posted an article about how the concept of being middle class no longer includes being your own boss. We Americans pride ourselves on being entrepreneurial, and praise for the start-up culture that created Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb and other global success stories is a staple in the media.... Continue Reading →

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