If you were to look in the comments of almost all articles covering the shooting of Representative Steve Scalise last week, you would think that he was the the most vile person of the world. The way that the extreme left is acting, he deserved what he got because refused to restrict gun rights and... Continue Reading →

If Republicans Supported Gun Control…

I was looking through some old computer files of mine and came across something I had started working on and didn't finish. If Republicans supported gun control... Gun dealers would be required to be paramedics and have an ambulance waiting outside their store. Gun dealers would be required to tell buyers that buying a gun... Continue Reading →

Has the PLCAA gone too far?

One of the first topics in yesterday's debate was the Protection of Legal Commerce in Arms Act (or PLCAA for short).  The consensus was as one would expect from Democrats.  If there was a surprise, it would have been Sanders as he stuck to his guns (pun intended) on his gun control record. The PLCAA... Continue Reading →

Another shooting…

There has been another shooting... I'm not going comment on it now... However, get ready for the finger wagging and chest beating from the pundits and politicians followed by inaction.

After all, stuff happens

Yet, again.  There's been another mass shooting.  Yet, again. Nothing is going to be done to address it.  The attitude is well... stuff happens. Yes, "stuff happens."  However, when "stuff happens," maybe we should try to figure out why "stuff happens."  But no, we are not even allowed to study why "stuff happens."  Why is... Continue Reading →

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