Ugh... Satire is hard. You know your delivery is wrong when you get the opposite reaction you are wanting. Maybe I should stick to parody.

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 12

Welcome back everyone. This week we got to see Operation: Shut Up about Russia escalate even more. The theater of operations has increased to three fronts by adding Afghanistan and North Korea. Some people, including yours truly, are beginning to wonder if the goal is to start World War III. The week began with Senator... Continue Reading →

Your news is propaganda…

Ah yes, the good old standby of ideologues around the country: the press is biased against our beliefs. ¬†Depending on which side of the fence that you stand, a particular news agency can be the beacon of truth, justice, and the American way or a¬†wretched hive of scum and villainy. ¬†Here is a truth that... Continue Reading →

Under the Rules of the Czar: Week 8

Today's episode is brought to you the letters: C, U, T, and S. ¬†It is that time again when the President presents his wish list of spending priorities and eventually Congress hems and haws and kicks the can down the road with a continuing resolution. ¬†In the process where Obama was said to use a... Continue Reading →

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