Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 7

This week in As the Trump Spins, former President Barack Obama guest stars.  You see, Barack Obama is a bad hombre who did many horrible things as the ruler of this country.  Mr. Trump spent the week accusing our villain, the Muslim socialist, of acting like Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy. In one of his trademarked... Continue Reading →

Republicans like the Constitution except..

Republican like the Constitution except when it conflicts with their ideology.  As a case in point, the refusal of Republican governors to accept Syrian refugees.  Regardless whether or not bringing potential extremists into this country is prudent, the Constitution is rather explicit where this power lies.  The power lies with the federal government. This means... Continue Reading →

Yet another example of government waste

Since it is no longer politically correct for a victor in a war to leave the loser in shambles, the United States has been picking up the tab in rebuilding Afghanistan (despite the fact that the people in the country were harboring Bin Laden, a wanted terrorist).  However, even this just boggles the mind. The... Continue Reading →

Wonder what happened to Eric Holder?

You remember former attorney general Eric Holder don't you?  He was the first attorney general under Obama who was in charge of the Justice Department during the recovery from the 2008 recession.  In an article by the Rolling Stones, he went back to his position with Covington & Burling as a partner.  It seems that... Continue Reading →

Obama’s got a deal

The big news of last week was that Obama announced a nuclear deal with Iran.  Of course, the response has been as predicted.  The left is cheering and proclaiming that Obama is the best thing since sliced toast.  The right is furious and yelling that Obama should not have made a deal. As pointed out... Continue Reading →

What happened to all of the conservatives?

Remember back in 2010, we were asked to vote for true conservatives to represent us in Congress to oppose Obama's liberal agenda.  Well, in 2010, 2012, and 2014, the American voter has given to the Republicans what they wanted: total control of Congress. Why is it that when the vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership happened,... Continue Reading →

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