Another cop gets away with murder…

On Friday, the man who killed Philando Castile was acquited on all charges. For those who are not familiar with this case, Castile was pulled over allegedly for having a burnt out tail light (code word for "driving while black"). The real truth was the officer was confused because after all we know all blacks... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 3

This week started with a major victory for the Trumpster; his favorite quarterback, Tom Brady won yet another Super Bowl (presumably they checked his balls first).  However, members of the alt-right were triggered by the commercials and half time show (did they think they live in a safe space).  All throughout the week, they were... Continue Reading →

Bad apple in blue gets away with murder

In Pennsylvania, a police officer shot a man who was face down on the ground.  After a trial, the jury acquitted the police officer. On Thursday, a jury acquitted Officer Lisa Mearkle for shooting David Kassick in Pennsylvania, who was pulled over for an expired inspection sticker. The same day, video of the deadly encounter... Continue Reading →

Good apples in blue

Well, I am going to do something politically incorrect.  I'm going to point out a case where police officers were caught performing an act of kindness. Recognizing the family was down on their luck, Gower and Hawkins decided to buy the girls — ages 1, 3 and 4 — car seats instead of ticketing the... Continue Reading →

Another bad apple in blue?

So, we have yet another case of where a police officer is being accused of being heavy handed. A South Carolina police officer in Richland County slammed a girl to the ground and dragged her out of a high school classroom, sparking outrage Monday night when videos filmed by students surfaced on social media. Though... Continue Reading →

Another bad apple in blue

In Michigan, a police officer shot and killed an unarmed 17 year old while he was fleeing from an officer. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday against Eaton County Sheriff's Sgt. Jonathan Frost and the county, says the officer was driving a new patrol car on Feb. 28 that had "improperly bright or misaimed headlights, even on... Continue Reading →

Choke holds are not appropriate

Another viral video has surfaced showing a copy applying a choke hold to a teenager in Texas.  I encourage one to watch the video which is linked by the article. The Round Rock Police Department says on Thursday afternoon there was a disagreement between two male students. In a press release, RRPD says the Round... Continue Reading →

Shootout in Ferguson

I guess maybe I am being old fashioned.  It seems to me that if one wants to encourage law enforcement to be less brutal, one should not go around shooting a police officers.  Thanks to some shortsighted individual, those who defend the police state tactics employed by the bad apples in the law enforcement community... Continue Reading →

Good cops doing good things

The problem with the news media these days is that they constantly concentrate on the negative.  Whenever a cop shoots someone (especially if the person was black), it is fully covered in great detail.  What rarely gets covered is the good cops doing their job and doing good in their communities. There was a recent... Continue Reading →

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