Was Ben Carson caught fibbing?

I guess I should be glad that I made my bull snot meter graphic.  I have a feeling that I am going to use it many times in the course of the next year. Anyways, during the debate on Wednesday, Ben Carson was asked a question about his involvement with a controversial product.  His response... Continue Reading →

Was the purpose of Benghazi to bring Clinton down?

If it was, it appears to be failing. Buoyed by what most analysts proclaimed a victory in the first Democratic Presidential nomination wannabes debate, an 11-hour Benghazi hearing that even conservatives now believe was a Halloween-monster-sized mistake for Congressional Republicans, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going into full gear as the (largely)... Continue Reading →

And another has been claimed…

Given the number of candidates that running for the nomination of their party for president, it is only natural that some are going to have to drop out of the race.  Lincoln Chafee joins the ranks of Jim Webb and Rick "good hair" Perry.  This does not come as any surprise as the media clearly... Continue Reading →

Is Trump for real?

According to Donald Trump, he is running for the Republican presidential nomination.  He has officially announced his candidacy and has made some fiery speeches.  However, there are some that do not believe that is serious candidate. For example, Republican Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo is calling Trump a phantom candidate and is really working for the... Continue Reading →

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