I get it now. Clearly, the Republicans think of the middle-class as dwarves.

Experts skeptical of $4000 raise claim

Claim: Congressional Republicans claim tax reform legislation would be equivalent to a $4000 raise for the average American family. Fact: Experts are skeptical of the claim. The estimates are based on incomplete legislation and include assumptions such as tax cust will be used to increase wages. It is believed that any such increase would have... Continue Reading →

Indiana Republicans limit early voting in Democratic Marion Co., encourage it in GOP strongholds

State and local Republicans have expanded early voting in GOP-dominated areas and restricted it in Democratic areas, an IndyStar investigation has found, prompting a significant change in Central Indiana voting patterns. Source: Indiana Republicans limit early voting in Democratic Marion Co., encourage it in GOP strongholds Tell me again why we should believe the authoritarian right that... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 10

We continue out trek into the swamp. We are now in the part of the swamp where very little light reaches. What was that sound? Oh, that was Devin Nunes slinking across the White House lawn in the dead of night for an illicit gathering. Last week, Nunes tantalized us with alleged proof of incidental surveillance... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 7

This week in As the Trump Spins, former President Barack Obama guest stars.  You see, Barack Obama is a bad hombre who did many horrible things as the ruler of this country.  Mr. Trump spent the week accusing our villain, the Muslim socialist, of acting like Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy. In one of his trademarked... Continue Reading →

If Republicans Supported Gun Control…

I was looking through some old computer files of mine and came across something I had started working on and didn't finish. If Republicans supported gun control... Gun dealers would be required to be paramedics and have an ambulance waiting outside their store. Gun dealers would be required to tell buyers that buying a gun... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 5

This week was rather boring and not much was really happening.  I was wondering if I was going to have to find some filler for this week.  But on Friday, Mr. Trump came through. Last Saturday, the Czar needed an ego boost and held a rally in Florida. Nothing noteworthy was said except when he started... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 4

Nobody can say that this week was boring.  This week has seen some of the worse behavior of Donald Trump yet and just think we are only four weeks into his reign. On the immigration front, throughout the course of last weekend, the Republican administration conducted nationwide sweeps of illegal immigrants and made many arrests.... Continue Reading →

Under the Rule of the Czar: Week 2

Overall, this week was not as exciting as the last.  Mostly, the talk involves fallout from last week.  Over last weekend, the Czar allegedly made a couple phone calls to some world leaders.  According to the reports, the calls did not go very well.  It was said that he threatened to send our military to... Continue Reading →

Only he alone he can fix our problems?

I was intending to write this yesterday.  I had a nice long recap of the events of the convention along with passive aggressive headings for each day.  It was coming along very nicely and then... the power went out.  If I had been composing this so-called masterpiece on the Web, it would had a draft... Continue Reading →

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