How policy remains stupid, stupid, stupid

Fully Myelinated

Republicans.  No, sorry, more than that.  A hell of a lot of status quo bias as well.  And powerful, intense interests with narrow, but substantial benefits.  Loved this Planet Money episode on how incredibly stupid our tax filing system.  In the rest of the modern world, tax returns are simply not a big deal.  Most voters have straightforward taxes and the government already has the key information on file.  You get a pre-filled tax return and you can check through it to make sure everything is in order, and that’s that.  Not so, as you well know in America.  Instead, here we waste millions and millions of hours– not to mention the frustration– and spend lots and lots of money (to the benefit of HR Block, Turbo Tax, etc.) to so something that is a cheap, straightforward function of the government.  Yeah, America!

The Planet Money story is about a…

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Go figure: winning wars is not profitable

Is it me or does it seem like our leaders in Washington do not have any interest in actually winning wars?  Recently, the American Conservative magazine delved into that question.  Their conclusion, the special interests have no intention of allowing us to win. We could “win” if we followed Sun Tzu and learned from history... Continue Reading →

After all, stuff happens

Yet, again.  There's been another mass shooting.  Yet, again. Nothing is going to be done to address it.  The attitude is well... stuff happens. Yes, "stuff happens."  However, when "stuff happens," maybe we should try to figure out why "stuff happens."  But no, we are not even allowed to study why "stuff happens."  Why is... Continue Reading →

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