End Times: Civilized

It was quiet. Eilen could have said it was as quiet as a crypt. What once was a shelter against the elements of winter became a tomb in the spring. She stepped through the opening where there had once been a pair of heavy steel doors. One door hung to the side, barely held up... Continue Reading →

End Times: All Alone

The makeshift door gave a metallic scream as Eilen pushed it open. Behind it, there was a small ramp that led into darkness. She had not been in this place but Buckley, her uncle, told her that it led to some underground chambers built before the Rage. Despite his warning to the clan that it... Continue Reading →

End Times: Security Lock Down

Johnathan flew from the door of his apartment to the seat at his workstation. He needed sleep and even the Lady ordered it but, what he really needed now was some answers. The transparent video panels in his cubicle like desk came to life with a blue glow on their border without an order from... Continue Reading →

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