Texas shooter was not part of Antifa

Claim: The shooter in Texas on November 5, Devin Patrick Kelley, was a member of Antifa attempting to start a civil war. Fact: The shooter does not have any known ties to Antifa and evidence circulated online is fabricated.  Authorities believe that the shooting began as a domestic dispute. Texas Shooting Unrelated to Antifa Q: Was the man... Continue Reading →

Texan toilet politics

On Tuesday, the voters of Huston Texas voted on an ordinance to protect members of the LGBT community from discrimination.  It was soundly defeated by the opposition that pointed out a small problem with it... But when that same proposal came before the electorate on Tuesday, it lost out to an opposition campaign armed with... Continue Reading →

Choke holds are not appropriate

Another viral video has surfaced showing a copy applying a choke hold to a teenager in Texas.  I encourage one to watch the video which is linked by the article. The Round Rock Police Department says on Thursday afternoon there was a disagreement between two male students. In a press release, RRPD says the Round... Continue Reading →

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