Social media and its problem with free speech

One of the biggest problems facing users of social media is the presence of hate speech and misinformation masquerading as free speech. To combat these problems, the social media companies have rules. Unfortunately, the way that they apply these rules has produced confusing and often seemingly arbitrary results. IMHO, these social media companies should not concern... Continue Reading →

Personal challenge update

Last week in a blog post, I issued a challenge to myself when using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The results was a somewhat underwhelming mixed bag. There were differences but none of them were major or Earth shattering. Early on, I was thinking that I was going to be getting responses from... Continue Reading →

Like most people, I spend way too much time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. I will even admit that I am not above wallowing in the mud in comment sections of political articles. I have decided that instead of my usual pontificating, I will ask questions instead. Would anyone care to speculate... Continue Reading →

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