Mr. Trump wants our voting info

The Republican administration has sent requests to states wanting them to give them various bits of personal information about their voter rolls which includes the last four digits of one's social security number, birth dates, party affiliation, and even voting history. If some reports are true, maybe the Republican administration should ask the Russians for... Continue Reading →

Czar Trump continues his war on the free press

For the last couple weeks, news agencies have been banned from using video cameras and even audio recorders during the daily press briefings. This action has led CNN to send it criminal sketch artist to them which is somewhat humorous considering the corruption within this Republican administration. Additionally, Mr. Trump has used a story that... Continue Reading →

Under the rule of the Czar, week 1

It's be a full week since the coronation of the Czar and boy it has certainly been a week.  Lots of things happening, things that can possibly shake the foundations of this country. The Czar continues his war on the media.  While some would say that some of this push back is long overdue, the... Continue Reading →

Want a glimpse of what tyranny is like?

There is something smelly in Wisconsin and I am not talking about cheese. Republicans in Wisconsin set their sights on reforming the John Doe process after it was used against Walker and his staff — six of whom were convicted for embezzlement and other charges. A second John Doe investigation targeting Walker himself — for... Continue Reading →

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