Want a glimpse of what tyranny is like?

There is something smelly in Wisconsin and I am not talking about cheese. Republicans in Wisconsin set their sights on reforming the John Doe process after it was used against Walker and his staff — six of whom were convicted for embezzlement and other charges. A second John Doe investigation targeting Walker himself — for... Continue Reading →

Semiregular link roundup

PolitiFact checks whether or not a cat can run for president.  I'm surprised that they had the spare time with Trump's campaign. Republicans want to limit the information that can be collected on the census. They do have a point here as much of the information that they are collecting is information that is not... Continue Reading →

Scott Walker and conservativism

Many on the right will claim that Scott Walker is the conservative that this country needs for leadership.  While he might be a conservative, he certainly not one who would stand up to special interests.  To see this, one only needs to look at his stance on the stadium deal for the Milwaukee Bucks.  To... Continue Reading →

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